10 definitions by TheKimmer

1. Anyone who takes showers at a college dorm with the curtain open so in case a girl walks in they can see his "amazing" ass.

2. Has really loud sex at 4 am in the morning

3. Wide Receiver on the football team
4. If you had to sum him up in one word it would be "bro".
5. Someone you wish you were just because he has loud sex so much.
God damn, Ricky wont stop it's 5 a.m and I am pretty sure he came back at 3 a.m. Not even Chad can top Ricky.
by TheKimmer October 18, 2009
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1. An Asian from the country of North Korea.
2. Anyone trying to kill Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino.
3. Someone with a small dick.
4. The only Asian in Wall.
I barely felt anything, such a North Korean.
by TheKimmer May 17, 2009
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Commonly expressed term when playing Halo. There are two definitions:

1. To kill someone

2. To kill yourself
Bro 1: What happened to that little kid who wouldn't shut up.
Bro 2: He got sent home.
Bro 1: Nice
by TheKimmer January 11, 2014
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1. Taking a liquidy shit off a ski left.
2. Can also be applied to any situation in whch a liquidity shit occurs by accident.
Example 1: Bob ate a burrito just before going skiing and gave a Canadian Shower to a group of little kids skiing under the lift.

Example 2: I wanted to fart in Bob's face while he was sleeping but I accidentally gave him a Canadian Shower.
by TheKimmer March 12, 2012
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1. Lightweight who can't get it up and likes anal sex.
2. Someone prone to yelling when he is just trying to talk.
3. That bro in your dorm no one likes.
"Sorry, girl, I can't get it up"-Bro Fag
"Wow, you're such a Chris Sorrentino"-Slutty Girl
by TheKimmer September 07, 2010
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To blow another guy in a car, predominantly in a homosexual manner.
Fag 1: Bro, it's fucking raining out! How are we supposed to go to our vocal therapy classes?
Fag 2: Fuck it, let's take your truck Spartacock!
Fag 1: Yeah, you want to blow each other off in Spartacock before we go?
Fag 2: Sure! I could really use a good cockboxing today!
by TheKimmer April 03, 2015
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1. What you call a girl in a guy's bathroom who is there for no reason at all.
2. What you wish a girl in a guy's bathroom was and really is.
Pepe: There were 4 girls in the guy's bathroom.
Sanchez: Dude, I think you mean there were for blowjob attendants in the bathroom.
by TheKimmer April 30, 2010
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