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an archaic Australian colloquial term used to mean 'friend'
(similar to 'mate')
"...when my cobber had to go spend a penny."
by RockYfella December 5, 2003
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(phrasal verb)
sexual act, involving the Double Penetration of a woman by a man, by inserting his scrotum into her anus and his penis into her vagina

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- Tony Eveready and Alisha Angel, Blacks on Blondes 'Booyah' video
- Double Penetration
- Booyah, definition 3.
"Nuts in the ass, dick in the pussy"
"Clown on her"
- 'Booyah' video
by RockYfella March 22, 2006
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a much misused adverb, often for emphasis
"I literally died of embarrassment."

"Really? How was reincarnation, you fucking illiterate dipshit?"
by RockYfella December 5, 2003
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