What that annoying kid says when you cough. Sign of mental deficiency. At least my school is closing. F.
Me: *coughs*
Timmy: “DoEs HE HaVe CoRoNA?!?111!!?”
by Communist Squidward March 16, 2020
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A Corona is a disease made in a secret government lab which is now a pandemic. How do we cure a corona? Bleach and harsh light said a qualified doctor who lives in the White house.
Guy1: Oh shit I got the corona
Guy2: Here rub this bleach in ur eyes and look at the sun
Guy1: oh thanks My corona is cured
by QwErTyBeNcH April 28, 2020
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magic liquid that makes every kind of moving object look like a hot girl. side affects may include:
1. waking up next to an ugly girl
2. waking up next to a really ugly girl
3. waking up next to a man
4. waking up next to a tree with a small hole in it
5. waking up next to a combination of the four
Oh man what a night! I actully screwed cameron diaz! it was so good! Why is there corona bottles all over the room? And what the hell is this tree doing here?
by Bacon n' Gravy October 25, 2005
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1. An aura of plasma that surrounds the sun
2. A pale lager beer named Corona Extra that is often drank with a lime in the bottles neck.
3. Shortened term for coronavirus, an infectious disease that had a horrible outbreak in 2020.
2. I could go for an ice cold Corona right now.
3. My grandma caught corona, but I think she will be okay.
by 100PercentEthylAlcohol March 16, 2020
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Corona is reserved only for the very most epic of gamers. Once you have been to China go up to your friends then cough on them to spread the cheer!
Blake: Eric get away from me you were in china yesterday!
Eric: *Coughs*
Blake: Oh, you are just spreading the Corona epicness.
by SlitheryJoshL February 17, 2020
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the word says it all. The crown, the royalness, the king of beers, no not budweiser
give me a corona, bitch
by Joker March 23, 2005
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The phase of self quarantine or self isolation when showing symptoms of having the Coronavirus / covid19
Hey my outie, ekse my bru are you still coronaing or are we gonna chill and watch the game together?
by LePantzDropstar August 13, 2020
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