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(pooh-nyeh-tah) (spanish) - Usually negative expressing agitation or disappointment, also used to express excitement or astonishment. See also damn - typically an interjection synonmous with coño , or used in situations where coño may also be appropriate or substituted. When used as 'la puñeta', or 'hacer la puñeta' it refers to the act of self-masturbation i.e. jacking off.

This is derivative of the spanish word for fist 'puño', where la puñeta is defined as the thing you do with your fist. i.e. fisting off which is considered vulgar because it ellicites an image of a man stroking his penis with his fist to a point of climax.

Boricua1: Puñeta!! bro, did you see that chair fly right by my head!!
Boricua2: Nah, you've been watching too much Harry Potthead.
by Randomidous® January 01, 2006
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1.a hand job
2.a fist
3.vulgar interjection similar to "damn" or "fuck"
1. El se dio una puñeta (he gave himself a handjob).

2. Me entraron a puñetasos (they beat me up with punches).

3. Aqui el que manda soy yo, puñeta (I am the boss here dammit)!
by Mangani Puñeta December 01, 2007
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A Filipino expression of the same meaning as in Spanish but never reffered to as masturbation. with the same derogatory level with the word "Puta"
"puñeta ka! kausap mo na naman ang querida mo!"
by niccolo March 19, 2006
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Typically "jerk off" for Mexicans. For Puerto Ricans and Dominicans it's a curse like coño.
Puñeta! I stubbed my toe!

Puñeta coño! I have to fix the car again.
by h0mi May 03, 2004
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puñeta means the same as Coño
Dammit or Fuck... For Dominicans and puerto Ricans
puñeta means the same as Coño
by Dominicanitaloca June 24, 2004
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