Spanglish shorthand for "tengo resaca" meaning "I have a hangover" in Spanish.
'You look pretty rough this morning'
'Yeah I am feeling pretty tengo'
by mr_nh September 23, 2019
Short for "Tengo Resaca", describing a hungover state.
"Dude, you look like death, did you go out last night?"

"Yeah, I'm tengo as fuck"
by TENGO TOOK IT TO TEN September 23, 2019
Being hungover. Comes from a lazy intellectual reduction of the Spanish phrase: "Tengo resaca".
- OMG, you look absolutely tengo!
- Yeah, last night was mega!
by DonFernandoAndo September 23, 2019
-Is a way of replying to anything, absolutely anything. If someone calls you gay, say that they’re a tengo. Someone says the party was lit last night, say tengo.

-Means hungover
-Means Tidy/Near
Surfer 1- Yoooo bruhhh that wave was mad bruhh
Tourist- Tengo
Surfer 2- Your so weird bruhhh you talk so weird bruhhh
Tourist- You fucking Tengo
by YankeeCandleMan October 21, 2020
When you finish every single video from Albert/flamingo, you venture into the depths of the urban dictionary and try to find something not sexual. Then you hear the words :YO TENGO in your mind and decide to type that, and now you're here.
Girl in adopt and raise a new kid: OUT.
Albert: yo tengo
Albert: now she thinks we speak a different language.
by Wassapboi April 15, 2018
Commonly known as hacking and having a small penis on Phantom Forces.
Person 1: "Did you see that faggot tengo hacking on Phantom Forces?"
Person 2: "Yeah, lets votekick that loser"
by DarkEthnic June 1, 2020
"YES" the reason why mrflimflam on Roblox was banned for 3 days and used as a joke by Albertsstuff and Flamingo on Youtube.
by Infinitesidedice 22 December 14, 2017