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995?–1035, king of England, Norway, and Denmark. The younger son of Sweyn of Denmark, Canute accompanied his father on the expedition of 1013 that invaded England and forced Æthelred to flee to Normandy. When Sweyn died (1014), the Danes in England swore fealty to Canute, but on Æthelred's return from Normandy, Canute withdrew to Denmark, where his older brother, Harold, had become king. In 1015, Canute reinvaded England with a powerful army that conquered most of Wessex, harried the Danelaw, and conquered Northumbria. After the Danish victory in the battle of Assandun, Canute divided England with Edmund Ironside, Æthelred's son. When Edmund died, late in 1016, Canute was accepted as sole king. He gave England peace and strove to continue English traditions by restoring the church to high place and codifying English law. To forestall dynastic quarrels he banished his wife (and their son Sweyn) and married Emma, the widow of Æthelred. His son by Emma was Harthacanute. In 1018 or 1019 he succeeded to the throne of Denmark and was forced to lead several expeditions to assert his rights there and in the Danish provinces in Norway. In 1028, after an uprising had expelled Olaf II of Norway, Canute was recognized as ruler of that kingdom. He made his son Harthacanute king of Denmark, and in 1029 he made his son Sweyn king of Norway, with Sweyn's mother as regent. She and Sweyn were driven out by 1035, and Norway was ruled by Olaf's son Magnus. Canute established friendly relations with the Holy Roman Empire and attended the coronation of Conrad II in Rome in 1027. At the end of his reign Canute led an army into Scotland to stop Scottish invasions under Malcolm II. Canute was succeeded by his illegitimate son, Harold Harefoot, then by Harthacanute. The name also appears as Cnut or Knut. Kudos to Wikipedia.
Man, I'm so stupid! On our history test I missed every question about Cnut and his reign!
by Dr. Arnold S. Snipes January 13, 2006
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A way of saying cunt on messageboards or chat channels that have lame rude word filters turned on.
Tony Blair is a right cnut.
by Krela September 04, 2006
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For the English people, King Cnut's reign from 1017 to 1035 was much like the month of March, "in like a lion and out like a lamb". 1 Crowned in the turmoil of war and conquest, Cnut quickly established an era of peace and prosperity. England became so secure that Cnut could frequently leave the country to settle affairs elsewhere in his empire. It was especially important to a people weary from thirty years of war that all of the fighting during his reign was on foreign soil. By the time of his death in 1035, Cnut was recognized as an equal by the Holy Roman Emperor and had negotiated with the Pope as a Christian monarch.
by TV Spunk January 30, 2003
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cnut is a term used to describe a "conservative nut" (it aLso works for "christian nuts"). the word is best used in print form, because most readers wiLL read it as "cunt"
ijohn ashcroft is a cnut/i

ionLy cnuts watch foxnews for news/i
by sniffa October 15, 2004
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A corruption of a slang term for a lady's part, often applied to a foolish person or sometimes as epithet.
1. Mortuus47 is a cnut!!!!!!111
2. Cnut!
by Kenneth Wyllyams August 29, 2002
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The fifth track on Grand Funk Railroad's first album "On Time" (1969), but with periods after each letter: T.N.U.C.
Did you listen to cnut yet?
by librsh November 24, 2006
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