A cluster of horny swingers engaged in group sex, in a swingers club, in a safe and consensual environment. Or for the more cultured of you a giant Gang Bang.
We went to the local swingers club at the weekend and had a wonderful time as we got involved in the Clusterfuck and see of bodies.
by Si and Jane February 04, 2019
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Enrolling a child in the San Francisco Unified School District
Trying to get Timmy enrolled in Kindergarten was a real clusterfuck.
by Birtha B December 10, 2013
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Clusterfuck. My pick up truck done broke down at the side of the road my dog died, I done lost my girl and I have herpes.
by Nosenseatall July 13, 2015
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An annoyingly large group of people or things.
Hannah, lets get out of this clustefuck!

Alex is stuck in a huge clusterfuck of people.
by Alexander Clusterfuck July 29, 2009
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A group of too many people (or objects) up each others asses, while acting ignorantly.
When you are driving on the highway and can't pass others because there are 4-8 ignorant cars all blocking the highway, creating a clusterfuck.
by Lay Eggs February 16, 2009
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I went to Best Buy to score some hot deals on Black Friday, but sadly I found myself in nothing less than a clusterfuck.
by Dongo December 03, 2005
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