A group of 10 or more popular kids that are Holier-Than-Thou
Ew its the Clusterfuck again, why can they hang out at Walmart or something smh
by ImSoooooBored April 05, 2018
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World War 2 terminology for any group of soldiers that would be easily wiped out by an incoming grenade.
"Yep, one well placed grenade by charlie, and that whole clusterfuck is going home in pine boxes."
by P!o.o!P December 26, 2009
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Originally: Genetically compromised offspring proportedly the result of multiple male partners with one female. Hence, Cluster Fuck. Similar to Stupid, Disorganised, Loser, Tosser. A hopeless case. Sometimes shorteded to 'Cluster'.

Interchangeable with GO FUCK, FUCK OFF, FUCK UP, FUCK OFF, BALLS UP.

Derivation: Military

Also refers to a hopelessly compromised situation.
Example: James failed the public service entrance exam three times. What a clusterfuck! (often contracted to 'What a cluster!')

Example: When on exercise, they were ordered to turn the camouflage net over to be the same as all the others. Pity it didnt match the surrounds. What a clusterfuck (gofuck, fuckoff, fuckup, ballup, cluster!
by sociopath9 April 15, 2009
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Government. Also can be used to described management or any chaotic situation involving many people. AKA "clusters".
by yourmomlovesmyjohnson09 December 14, 2010
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1) a mess of shit that happens all at once usually in a single area
2$ South Sudan
by Dank spank bank October 01, 2021
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