"oh hey CLOSY how are you?" "doing fine, all 35 of my kids just played minecraft together!"
by ERAHN YEAGURE July 14, 2021
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Closis means small and petite so when u see something small u say “that is closis!’”
Omg! That pencil is so closis!
by John cegy loon January 8, 2020
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Self Portrait selfie taken for social media in such close proximity to the face you can not tell if the person is overweight or not.
Bro she's cute but she has to be fat. All her profile pictures are closies.
by Sean Ried April 10, 2015
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similar to 'besties for restie'
people who are close, but not best friends
however, even though the people will probably be good friends for the rest of their lives, it just rhymes better this way...
she's not my best friend, but we're closies for mostie
by pipee January 22, 2008
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On getting your nat king cole from a lady with a particularly loose vagina, particularly if it doesn't touch the sides. A closie is a Scottish word for a block of flats.
That girl I was with last night was so slack it was like throwing a Mars Bar up a closie
by Raz_ftd September 16, 2005
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Those deemed to be worthy of commanding your closeness.
Jango's family makes me jealous, they're all a bunch of closies.
by Yeokel April 5, 2020
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