Being over sensitive, too easily offended or hurt, similar to a clitoris.
He can dish it out, but he sure can't take it, he's so clitoral.
by itsnotup2u May 21, 2007
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{Adverb/Adjective/Noun} When a process or object is made unnecessarily complicated. Something that should be simple is: hard to find, not easy to use, or hard to figure out because someone designed it to be better but instead, made it suck for everyone. Things/objects (buttons/ latches/locks/people) can be clitoral if they are way more complicated than they should be. A function or process can be clitoral if it takes way too many steps and/or youtube videos to figure it out.
If i knew how clitoral this new software was gonna be , i woulda never bought it. Sh***t....This new remote was supposed to make life easier- not more clitoral!? The way they pass bills in congress is like..... f*cking clitoral...
by MoneyBitetheRapper July 27, 2020
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Skilled and/or learned in the use of the clitoris.
All the girls think John is very clitorate, as he gives frequent and powerful orgasms.
by UberClitorate December 29, 2006
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The act of having a goldfish suck your clitoris.
Man, my goldfish was so horny,he was clitoring me so hard.
by Butt.Raper.4.Life April 09, 2010
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Any question that is posed only to the women in the general vicinity. Kinda like rhetorical question.
Guy 1:Anybody wanna go upstairs ;)?
Guy 2:Heck yes dude
Guy 1:Dude that's messed up, that was a clitorical question!
by vcsuperfan October 28, 2007
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One who has mastered the art of manipulating the clitoris in such a way to cause the female to orgasm uncontrollably.
Jeremy is so good with his mouth on the ladies that he call himself the clitorizer, causing them to climax in 18 seconds flat!
by redblurstang December 30, 2009
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