We like to use the word "CLIPPER" in place of the "C" word as we find that this is far more socially acceptable and less offensive.
You Clipper.....

You are a CLIPPER....

That bloke is an absolute CLIPPER.....
by im not a clipper October 13, 2009
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A team that overachieved with old, washed up players like Sam Cassell the alien, and Cuttino Mobley in the 2005-2006 season, quickly became regarded as the better team in Los Angeles. This is due to man's inner nature to jump on the bandwagon and only root for the team with the better record. (See also Detroit Pistons right after winning the 2004 championship) Coincidentaly, they only won 2 more games than the Los Angeles Lakers. They will probably overachieve again next year and the year after that, Sam Cassell and Cuttino Mobley will retire and the Clippers will be back where they started.
Dude the Clippers are sooooo good even though they were only 12 games above .500. Clippers 4 lyfe, Elton Brand is a monster!!!
by Chris Browns May 27, 2006
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The process in sex in which you fist your girlfriend/partner/boyfriend's asshole and pinch their insides either with your index finger and thumb or with your knuckles.
I was fisting my girlfriend last night and decided to make it a clipper
by Nick Borsin January 13, 2011
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someone creepy...they could even be pedophiles in some cases. theres also city clippers!! they travel in packs sometimes in twos or even threes. they drive and CLIP in their clipsmobiles(vehicles).they clip(flip) out on innocent people...some of them even have clipper flipper attacks (ex throwing things around) they crawl and clip like spiders eep and they clip up on their victom! Are you next?
Clippers think they serve a purpose on this earth. All they do is clip around(stalk people),try to pick girls up at clubs/bars,stare at little kids and scare them to death,clip on people's facebook profiles,honk at you in their cars while your walking down the street etc. The only way you can become a clipper depends on your family genetics. For example, if your great grandfather was a clipper then most likely you will become one and it could be passed on to your kids. We cant get rid of them theres no possible way. The rate in BC has gone up there are more and more clippers everyday!!
by Preet Gill October 14, 2007
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A Clipper is the female version of a Clopper.
e.g Someone who masturbates to the show My Little Pony
Did you hear? Jessica from our class is a Clipper!
by Todd Amador June 14, 2016
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