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When a boyfriend/girlfriend is so obsessed with you, they just don't want to leave your side and they just want to spend time with you everytime they see you.
Eric is so into Kelly, he doesn't leave her side or give her some break. He's a Clingy idiot!
by Ghetto savage March 31, 2017
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When a boyfriend/girlfriend wont stop texting you or calling you because they are to obsessed with you. Another way to say it is when they want to spend time with you every single day and minute.
Maya(Girlfriend): Hey, what you doing?;)
Max(Boyfriend): Nothing really
Maya: Do u wanna hang out?
Maya: Are u busy?
Maya: Am I clingy?
Max: Sorry, I can't I have football practice then I have dinner with my family
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by Ba Jin April 05, 2018
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A boyfriend/girlfriend or possibly someone who likes you who becomes let's say, obssesed. Signs that your boyfriend/girlfriend is clingy: doesn't stop calling, constantly tells you how much they love/like you, writes you songs, buys you flowers/chocolate so much it gets annoying, and wants to spend time..all the time.

For serious cases they may begin talking about moving in, or marrige after only a month!

Sally:When I first started dating Bob it was ok..but now..he's always around me, my answering machine is never empty, and he's best friends with my mom!

Sally's friend: Damn that's clingy!
by -Amy.S- November 20, 2005
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Peyton...i’m sorry i’m clingy or whatever you says but *sigh* ...i love you...*sigh* i’m sorry
by Clinger 2.0 June 18, 2019
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When an adorable lovable person constantly touches you to show that they're compassionate & care about you. These people aren't out to get you, or are weird or want a weird sexual relationship with you, they're just very loving & caring people. Don't be rude, they're just showing they care. If being clingy is a bad thing to you, you need to see a psychologist soon.
Eric : She's hot but she's to clingy, I don't wanna date her.

Jon : Dude, she touches everybody. She's just being nice. Your crazy ..
by olizu May 18, 2010
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β€œClingy is like always being close and touchy ig and always wanting to be around someone or something??”
i am clingy towards you
by idonthaveaname1114564252 February 11, 2018
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