Clementine is the most incredible person ever. If you know Clementine then you are one lucky human. They have such pretty eyes and their smile brings you so much joy and their laughter. Oh my god their laughter makes u fall in love every time you hear it. Clementine is the kindest most caring person you will ever meet. Once you have them, never let them go. Loving them is like breathing. You can’t stop. They are so smart and so funny and you instantly feel so much better when they are around. You feel safe.

Never make them feel like they aren’t important. Never make them feel alone. Don’t ever leave them. You don’t know what you are giving up on.

Clementine is stylish. Clementine is so pretty. They are the best person that you will ever meet.

They will love you if you love them the way they deserve. Which is with affection and support through their good days and their bad days.

Don’t ever be a reason they struggle to love.
“Wow. Clementine is so pretty.” Jakob gasped
“You’re a simp.” Responded Abrona.
by Jakob B April 29, 2021
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One of the most beautiful girls you will ever meet- usually with brown hair and green blue eyes. Her laugh lights the sky, and her smile fills the room. Clementine will always be there for you and keep you up when you’re down. She’s extremely smart and confident, and will always be passionate in what she pursues. If you ever meet a girl named Clementine, hold her tight and never let go.
Clementine is confident and passionate.
by rebelishgirl103 March 20, 2019
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An adorable bad-ass girl from the walking dead game . She's quite strong for her age and has survived throughout the years . In season 1 he met a guy called lee , he took care of clementine for a while . Clementine's family had already died . Lee sadly died after a while & clementine was with another group . She's grown now & has become independent . Clementine was voiced by : Melissa Hutchinson ( a voice actor ) .
Girl 1 : hey do you know clementine from TWDG ?

Girl 2 : yes !!! she's my favourite character from the game .
by RandomGirl1011 August 11, 2014
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Clementine is sweet, kind and some people may judge her on how smart she is. She can be shy but once u get to know her she is really funny and silly. She loves art and music. And likes to stick in small groups, but enjoys most people's company. She is very accepting and generous.
Girl 1: thanks Clem I really needed that.

Clementine: no problem. It's not a big deal.
by GGcatlover😊 November 12, 2018
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Clementine is a total sweet heart but don’t get on her bad side or she’ll make h regret it. She’s very stubborn but adorable. She’s a badass but very sweet and cute
Boy: who is that?
Gurl: hmm I heard she’s clementine but she’s really cute
by Clementiñe September 26, 2019
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This girl who is cute but also a really good person inside. You are trying to get her phone number after you danced with her at Cotillion because you want to know her better
You : I got a girls number
Friend : Is it a Clementine?
You : Yep
Friend : Nice
by YOBROHAHA November 20, 2016
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Clementine is a nice person who is usually underestimated. Inside she is actually everyones friend. Most of the time she skipped a grade and is very smart.
Clementine is like my best friend.
by The Half Blood Prince February 18, 2019
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