Someone who is very clementine-ish and like to rub peoples pockets he likes to smoke cro and likes men. He tastes like a saw eagle enthusiast he has a Gangsta Bitch named Dan Rodriguez.

His soul belongs to a god like human named Alex Jasinski
Hi my names Faz but you can call me clementine
by Not Clementine July 03, 2011
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When, Late at night, the male in the relationship approaches his spouse not to be seen by her in any way, and while she watches her favorite late night sit-com on the love seat in her newly furnished living room, the male appears... very slowly from behind the couch, and when fully covering her body with his monsterous shadow, he pours a bag of sugar on her forehead and runs away faster than the man on the side of my gatorade bottle.
My Wife was startled by the massive Clementine i unleashed on her face when she was watching HOuse.
by FLincher?!?!?! May 12, 2006
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A Clementine is the result of a cheeto dick and an ass tulip.
That clementine I gave your mom last night looked like the real thing until it started bleeding.


Hey Slick, I licked the clementine I gave your little sister. It wasn't as sweet and juicy as I expected, but I had to get the taste of her meatloaf out of my mouth somehow.
by Josh Wright January 12, 2005
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A badass person. One who usually is the real party guy and knows what he doing.
Dude! Look at Clementine! Hes the only one who could do that!
by that-one-cool-guy July 19, 2009
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The inability to finish any piece of work no matter what the reward offered or with any regard as to how beneficial the reward might be
"i'm just gonna clementine on this job, sod it"

"I know they offered me loads of money, but i'm just gonna clementine my way out of this one"
by Kingwillasa June 18, 2013
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1. (n) An orange like fruit
2. (v) To have the fruit thrown at someone as a way to silence that person's words, actions, etc.

Person 1: Yo, pass me a clementine.

Person 1: Yo, Aaron just clementined me.
Person 2: What?
Person 1: I was too loud for her and she clementined me bro.
by ElChinito December 11, 2016
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