This occurs usually after a heavy night of drinking and a dirty kebab. A cleanser involves anal leakage, controlable gas and stomach cramps. It is advised to have a mini milk and e45 cream to hand during a cleanser. A shower post cleanser is also advised.
Dude have you got any mini milks i need to have a cleanser.

Im just nipping home for a cleanser i may be a while.

Dont come in im cleansing.
by maxine1 October 28, 2011
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it is when you stick both hands in her ass and you start rubbing your hands together. the motion is like when you are washing your hands.
My hands feel clean after i gave that woman a cleanser.

by B PB July 11, 2008
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A face wash that is supposed to clean and rejuvenate your face but 70% of the time makes it worse.
Girl 1: Hey, I bought the new Super Clean Happy Face facial cleanser.
Girl 2: Look at my face and think about it for awhile before using.
by Samantha Felicia Rose April 7, 2015
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Craft some anal beads with mentos and insert them up your ass, after about 20 mentos in length roll onto your back and prop your ass into the air; empty a 591mL bottle of diet coke into your rectum. This stimulates pleasure receptors with a bubbly sensation.
My girlfriend wouldn't let me give her anal so I got my revenge with a colon cleanser.
by Poutine Pirate May 1, 2010
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/fount(ə)n klenzər/


A common problem in hobbyist forums or think tanks.

An individual (or group of people) who passively or aggressively harass an individual (or group of people) into submission of the harassers thought processes or ideology.
How did Todd get Rudy quit the group? He was a bit of a newb but he didn't appear to be a jerk.
That's because Todd is the biggest fountain cleanser in the group...
by The Tenacious Turd May 20, 2021
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To find and use an image or video to "unsee" something (or certain media) that was highly disturbing.

"Palate" can also refer to the eyes in which looking at something is like "tasting".
Man, that repulsive image triggered me so much that I had to use a Palate Cleanser to get over that.

Girl: When you say "Palate Cleanser" when you refer to watching something, you mean, the eyes?

Friend: Yes.
by Falcongrl89 March 12, 2021
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A person that that you have sex with in between serious relationships to help you get over one relationship and help you get ready for a new one.
With a palate cleanser it’s only sex, never serious.
Ex. In between Mike and Peter, I was with Kenny.

He was my palate cleanser.
by hotchick4205 January 14, 2010
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