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One that has the desire to travel, stay or live in Atlanta, Georgia.

Note: this phrase derives from the song title, California Dreamin' by the Mommas and the Papas.
Boy: I miss the awesome times I had in Atlanta. I am Atlanta Dreamin'.
by Falcongrl89 January 18, 2018
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An Alligator that is large enough to be a Modern dinosaur. The name is Modeled after the Legendary Dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus Rex
"Did you ever go to Florida and see a Gatorsaurus Rex? "

"Yep. They're everywhere."
by Falcongrl89 July 10, 2018
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A clean and appropriate version of the phrase, "Fucking Nuts"
Boy 1: Why aren't you speaking to mandy?
Boy 2: are you kidding me? She's nukkin futts! She too crazy!
by Falcongrl89 December 31, 2011
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Idiom meaning to be in serious trouble. Sometimes with the law.
The boss is gonna have your head for not completing the monthly report that is due soon.

The Judge is going to have your head for not staying out of drug dealing.
by Falcongrl89 April 30, 2015
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Much like Photobombing, it's one who invades a live breaking news report by doing the absolutely ridiculous things in the background or in front of the camera (i.e. dancing, holding a sign, standing beside the reporter)
Boy: WTF! Why is he doing the Orange Justice in the middle of a live report on A soccer match?!?
by Falcongrl89 July 16, 2021
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1. The name of a specific company that produces bbq meat and seaonings founded by Jesse Pyles.

2. One who has a hardcore craving for meat and nothing but.
1. "Have you brought Hardcore Carnivore again?"
"Yep, I bought their seasonings to go with my Black Angus steak!"

2. "Wow, have you seen Hyde? He is devouring all of the meat on his table!"
"Now THAT'S what I call a Hardcore Carnivore!"
by Falcongrl89 May 10, 2019
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To find and use an image or video to "unsee" something (or certain media) that was highly disturbing.

"Palate" can also refer to the eyes in which looking at something is like "tasting".
Man, that repulsive image triggered me so much that I had to use a Palate Cleanser to get over that.

Girl: When you say "Palate Cleanser" when you refer to watching something, you mean, the eyes?

Friend: Yes.
by Falcongrl89 March 12, 2021
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