A hot sexy man who has an extremely large cock who hits on girls and then bangs them so hard that there tits fall off
Oh my god I want clay sooooo much <3<3
by Chick magnet 1234 October 3, 2012
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Material used for sculpting and modelling.
by Rakeyohn December 9, 2003
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The adorablest nicest boy ever that is German and may or may not be a nazi
Maddie: isn’t Clay the cutest

Ellen: he has you under a spell bad mad mads
by Marauder101 May 23, 2018
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The most amazing, kind-hearted, funniest person in the world. You just adore talked to him 24/7, because he's just so sweet and funny. He gets scared that people will judge him, or that he is not as good as others when in reality he is better than others. You will never find someone better than Clay.
Damn, Clay is so fucking sweet.
by TheRealHonestTruth<3 December 9, 2019
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A state of mind where one lets loose and becomes super funny and kind of weird
Rock on those shrooms are really getting to me next thing you know I'll have clay.
by Clay November 23, 2004
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This is a guy that is super funny and awesome to be around. He hates being in crowds though so don't take him to an orgy. He's probably from somewhere southern like Georgia or Texas.
Girl 1: So I went on a date with this guy but I forgot his name. But he was super cute and funny
Girl 2: He sounds like a Clay!!!
by I am Desperate September 2, 2017
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That sticky wet feeling between your butt cheeks after a long run on a warm day, also know as swamp ass
Man, I can feel the clay in my ass!

I need a shower to get the clay out of my ass!
by Whitewave82 March 30, 2019
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