A type of webcomic where countries are represented by spheres with flag patterns on them. Synonym of countryballs.
polandball cannot into space
by Aqxer December 16, 2020
A ball with the colors of the Poland Flag, commonly confused for a pokeball, thought it is really Polandball. Due to its small size, while other country balls can into space, Polandball cannot into space.
Polandball cannot into space!
by Lmurfe December 13, 2010
a meme that displays a flag fitted into the shape of a ball, or another shape if needed. These are portrayed in polandball comics.
"I love the polandball meme"
by Khizar Caliphate August 9, 2021
A reddit community of unfunny memes resembling national stereotypes. The mods are too picky and only accept aboriginal jokes. Avoid this community at all costs.
Hey man, stay away from that shit polandball sub
I heard my friend's polandball post got denied for a 6th time. Shame.
I just saw a shit comic that's literally the same as another yet it is considered original by the 12 y/o polandball mods.
by FuckEngrish November 23, 2019