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This is THE game to play when you are drunk(or on multiple drugs, whatever).The perfect game for the pre-felon. In this game you will, use an uzi, spray people with fire hoses, drive an ambulance, kill for money,collect cars, be chased by gangsters, use a pager, dump dead bodies blah blah blah... This is the kind of game that even your girlfriend enjoys to play. A must play for the PS2.
"I just rented this game from Blockbuster. They're never get it back, HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!"
by Sean McReynolds February 2, 2004
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An extremely realistic game that takes place in the fictional "Liberty City", based on NYC. It is extremely violent, and portrays what other games do not, (gangs, drugs, the backside of modern cities). It has been awarded, and is still considered unbelievably intricate, detailed, and realistic. It's successors include: GTA: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas, and GTA: Sin City.
GTA3 is awesome, and fun too.
by gplpark92 August 1, 2006
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Someone who is like the GTA3 guy, wears the same clothes everyday, gets in trouble frequently and has the capability of killing people and starting anarchy. It is best to lock your car doors and keep your distance, also do not talk to him unless you offer him money for a job or you will get no response.
Ever since his girlfriend dumped him Roger has turned into GTA3 guy.
by ThePainterofMen0o1 January 19, 2012
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