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A place where dogs are kept exclusively for breeding. They are usually subjected to brutal treatment and very poor conditions.

The dogs are kept in wire cages with wire floors so the cages won't need cleaning. cages are usually stacked 2, 3 or 4 high. This means the upper dogs waste will fall on the dogs below, but it saves space, allowing more dogs to be kept. Many of these dogs are in poor health, their fur is matted with urine and feces. The cages are often times left outside in all weather conditions. Puppies will be left with their mothers in these cages until they are 4 or 5 weeks old. They are then removed so they can be sold in time to reach pet stores at 6 weeks of age.

Buyers stop by the puppy mills weekly to pick up any puppies ready for sale. Any that are too ill for the buyers are promptly killed. Any that are bought are given massive doses of antibiotics in the hopes of making them healthy enough for the pet stores. They are also cleaned up and then loaded into trucks to be taken to pet stores nationwide where they are sold for as much $4000 depending on the breed. The only national pet store chain I know of that sells puppy mill puppies is Petland. Hunt corporation is a major supplier to Petland, they buy puppies from puppy mills and haul them around in trucks as described above.

The top states for puppy mills are Missouri, Pennsylvania and Kansas. Many of these puppy mills are run by Amish people.
Puppy mills are a national shame. They should be outlawed in all states. Never buy a puppy form a pet store, adopt a homeless pet from a shelter or rescue group instead.
by MITB May 14, 2008

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Spoilers follow:
In the popular video game GTA San Andreas, Claude is a character that shows up early mid game and takes Catalina away to Liberty City, much to the relief of the main character, Carl "CJ" Johnson. Claude never speaks, but may look familiar to fans of the GTA series. What isn't mentioned is that Claude is actually the main character from GTA3, who is never named and never speaks in that game. It also means San Andreas is something of a prequel to GTA3, as Catalina betrays Claude at the beginning of GTA3, and is eventually killed by Claude at the end of that game.
Claude took Catalina away to Liberty city only to have her shoot him and leave him for dead. He took his revenge, though, by blowing her helicopter out of the sky.
by MITB June 30, 2006

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An excellent way of referring to somebody who has angered you.
That stupid fucker pissed me off!
by MITB October 17, 2007

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Less offensive way to spell twat, meaning female genitalia.
She wasn't wearing panties under her skirt, so I saw her tw@ when she was sitting down.
by MITB March 11, 2006

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4 door sedan built by Mitsubishi. The basis for all Evolution models.
I own a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer
by mitb July 10, 2008

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A movie from 1980 about the USS Nimitz going through a time warp to December 6th, 1941. Once they accept their situation, they try to stop the Japanese from bombing Pearl Harbor. They are pulled back into the time warp before they can stop the attack, returning 2 days after they left.

Starring Kirk Douglas, Martin Sheen, Katherine Ross and Charles Durning.

Filmed during the Nimitz' Sep 79-May 80 cruise. Squadrons aboard included VF-41 and VF-84 (F-14A Tomcats), VA-35 (A-6E Intruder), VA-82 and VA-86 (A-7E Corsair II), VFP-63 (RF-8G Crusader), VAQ-134 (EA-6B Prowler), VS-24 (S-3A Viking), VAW-112 (E-2B Hawkeye), and HS-9 (SH-3H Sea King). All squadrons get time on film. (from IMDB)
The Final Countdown is a good movie if you like sci-fi/drama.

an F-14 pilot is reporting the identity of a pair of enemy planes to Captain Yelland over the radio]
Captain Yelland: Alert 1 this is Eagle 1, what've you got?
Pilot: Two Japanese Zeroes, sir.
Captain Yelland: Two what?
Pilot: Two Trophy Class Mitsubishi A6Ms in original condition, complete with all markings. I mean, they look brand new sir!
Captain Yelland: Have you been spotted?
Pilot: Negative, we're right in the sun at their 6 o'clock high.
Captain Yelland: Stay in visual contact, take no action without clearance.
Pilot: Wilco Eagle 1, out.
(from IMDB)
by MITB June 18, 2008

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A double insult, accusing one of having no father or mother, implying that one was simply found somewhere, possibly under a flat rock or some other place where disgusting things might be found.
You Motherless Bastard!
by MITB November 30, 2007

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