The class following the footsteps of the infamous Class of 2023, Class of 2022, and Class of 2020, the best class of 13-14 year old eighth graders. This class enjoys making fun of the Class of 2023, Tik Tok, and VSCO girls, and also think Tik Tok is cringy but do the dances anyway because memes. Instagram and Snapchat are still this class's favorite social medias.
"When do you graduate?"
"Oh, I'm the class of 2024."
"Aw hell yeah, you're pretty cool."
by Yowhatsupyall November 13, 2019
By this time, Class of 2024 are currently 14-15 year old 9th graders (born 2006). they are the graduation class following Class of 2023 and succeeded by Class of 2025. Class of 2024 is the only sane grad class as they make fun of Class of 2023.

Fun fact: I'm a Class of 2024 :)
Class of 2024: *Makes fun of class of 2023*
Class of 2023: Why are we still here, just to suffer?
by MrLightbulbMan September 23, 2020
Most of them are just dumb crazy and annoying. Currently a bunch of pre-pubescent 12 to 13 year olds running around saying racially sensitive jokes while if one is made about them they will flip and cry about it and make their friends hate the person who made the joke.
Brandon: There must be something wrong with him..He's in high school and he's about to date a middle schooler.
Jane: EFF everyone in the class of 2024.
by HOTTIEEEEEEEE July 30, 2019
Anyone born after 2003 is a disappointment. Class of 2024 think they're all that when they're literal try hards.
For them having tiktok, Instagram, Snapchat etc is a personality trait. They're all so proud of doing tiktoks??

This is the class that is obsessed with and revolves around social media. With their over sensitivity and performative activism they're a joke.

They think they have a superior music but they just copy off previous generations.

They weren't even born in most of those years and didn't even have a fully mid 2000s childhood. They missed out on iconic vines and back when the Internet was fun, the fun challenges,no not tiktok. They're girls r obsessed with looking older+makeup and don't try to have fun outside the realm of social media.

Their humour is broken. Oh and 07 plus kids? Man didn't even know kids were born then.
'24 and onwards: Yah we're class of 2024 and onwards

Other classes: Oh the bad seed of this generation right?
by arcticmonkeysgirl October 5, 2021
The greatest class ever! Yet they all hate each other. All of our teachers gave up on us so they choose to not teach us!
"Did you hear about the class of 2024?" says John.
" Yeah I heard they got another teacher fired, haha!" says Felicia
by luciferthe14th September 20, 2019
best class ever. they are the most attractive, most smart, and overall most hilarious class to exist. the people who happen to be in this class are #elite and everyone wants to be them. better than the class of '22, '23, and '25, the class of 2024 never disappoints.
do you see them?? that's the class of 2024!!! i wish i was in their class omg
by jlineisbae December 21, 2021
The white guys basically act as if they were actually black and guys in general of any race fill their Instagram posts with ONLY pictures of them with girls or of them posing near or a Lamborghini or any high priced car or of them flexing with their guy friends making gang signs especially at night or of them flexing the sport they play LIKE NOBODY CARES THAT YOU PLAY FOOTBALL OR BASEBALL!!!! So basically the guys think they're cool and "the shit" when in reality nobody in any other grade likes them. BUT, somehow some of the guys have started to mature into attractive guys so therefore some (VERY FEW) girls in the class of 2023 have gone low, very low, usually desperate, dumb girls to date a guy in the Class of 2024.
The Guys in the Class of 2024 makes me want to go live in mars!
by HOTTIEEEEEEEE July 30, 2019