By this time, Class of 2025 are currently 14-15 year old 9th graders (born 2007). They are going to start their Sophomore Year in the August of 2022. They will start their Junior year in the August of 2023 and their Senior year the August of 2024 and will graduate in June of 2025. The graduation class following Class of 2024 and succeeded by Class of 2026. Class of 2025 is the only sane grad class as they make fun of Class of 2026.
Fun fact: I'm a Class of 2025 :)
Class of 2025: *Makes fun of class of 2026*
Class of 2026: Why are we still here, just to suffer?
by classof2025isdabestclass March 9, 2022
Currently high school Sophomores (Aug/Sep '22) that were born in late 2006-early/mid 2007. This is one of the graduating class to have everyone grow up in the 2010s and the first class to graduate in the mid 2020s.

They act really similar to the infamous Class of 2024, but are typically more laid back and have better music taste.

While the Class of 23 and 24 talk crap about them quite a bit, they overall have a decent reputation. Still better than the class of 2026 though.
Oof is going to be apart of the Class of 2025 because she entered High School a few months ago.
by classof2025isdabestclass June 12, 2022
Honestly the last best Class there will ever be. Class of 2026, 2027, 2028 ..... can't and won't be able to compare although they try and be like Class of 2025 they can't pull it off. So cheers to Class of 2025 for being the last best class!
Hey Martha, have you seen how those wannabies kids from Class of 2026, 2027 and 2028 wanna be like Class of 2025?
Martha: Oh yea I've heard they're trying to hard
by classof2025isdabestclass December 22, 2021
The class of 2025 is the class of unique kids who have good taste in music and know real life issues despite what 2024 and below might think
"Have you heard of that girl Becky? I heard she looks 16 and acts it but isn't, shes the class of 2025"

"What that's crazy dude you're lying- wait what"
by Sugarri December 17, 2019
Typically born in 2006 or 2007. If they have older siblings, they might be half decent. Their favorite past time is vaping and crying.
“That little Ed Sheeran lookalike is in the class of 2025!”
by keyvrilee August 6, 2021
These people, known as the Class of 2025, are an insane bunch of students with not sense of morals. They are loud and distructive and think they are the best (likely caused by missing their 7/8th grade year). High hopes that these juveniles will grow to be half decent people.
1: hey, you you know why the bathrooms are always closed?
2: oh ya, it’s the Class of 2025. They keep breaking stuff and trashing the stalls.
1: man, I fuckin’ hate freshmen.(ie: the Class of 2025)
by Fuck_me_in_the_ass January 16, 2022
The shitty class after the amazing, sarcastic, hilarious class of 2024. Currently 12-13 year old seventh graders. The girls are all sluts and/or VSCO girls, with fake depression and fake bisexuality. The guys are all sports obsessed and gay, despite what they'll say to deny it.

Though they're not all terrible, because they're not as bad as the class of 2023.
"Yo, have you seen the class of 2025?" says Taylor.
"Hell yeah, man they're wild! I heard one of the girls is dating a junior" says Michael.
"Slut" says Taylor.
by Yowhatsupyall November 13, 2019