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The shitty class after the amazing, sarcastic, hilarious class of 2024. Currently 12-13 year old seventh graders. The girls are all sluts and/or VSCO girls, with fake depression and fake bisexuality. The guys are all sports obsessed and gay, despite what they'll say to deny it.

Though they're not all terrible, because they're not as bad as the class of 2023.
"Yo, have you seen the class of 2025?" says Taylor.
"Hell yeah, man they're wild! I heard one of the girls is dating a junior" says Michael.
"Slut" says Taylor.
by Yowhatsupyall November 13, 2019
The best class, following the Class of 2023 who like making fun of VSCO girls, Tik Tok, and the Class of 2023. They're the freshman of 2020, current eighth graders, the best of the graduating classes of the 20s. Sarcastic, goofy little shits that are so ready to beat the shit out of the Class of 2025
"What year are you?"- Class of 2021
"Oh, I'm Class of 2024."- Class of 2024
"Sweet! You're the only other sane ones here!"- Class of 2021.
by Yowhatsupyall November 13, 2019
The class following the footsteps of the infamous Class of 2023, Class of 2022, and Class of 2020, the best class of 13-14 year old eighth graders. This class enjoys making fun of the Class of 2023, Tik Tok, and VSCO girls, and also think Tik Tok is cringy but do the dances anyway because memes. Instagram and Snapchat are still this class's favorite social medias.
"When do you graduate?"
"Oh, I'm the class of 2024."
"Aw hell yeah, you're pretty cool."
by Yowhatsupyall November 13, 2019
Current sixth graders, these are class of 2023 wannabees. 95% of them have broken phones. Don't even bother trying to talk to them if you're class of 2024 and older. They're self-centered brats that think they're cool. Some of them are okay, but most of them are annoying as fuck.
"Look at that class of 2026 kid!"

"So fucking annoying."
by Yowhatsupyall March 16, 2020