Person in the class that always does errands for the teacher or class to get on their good side, but usually faking it because they'd never do it for no reward
Teacher: Sally can you bring me the tissues 1 foot in front of me?
Sally: hell no
*Jessie runs up and hands tissues*
Jessie: here you go!
Teacher: remind me to give you extra credit for that Jessie
Jessie: sure thing, i'll scrub your toes later
Sally: wtf.. what a class bitch
by Devourox August 23, 2008
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Someone that has lived life so spoiled they dont know normal. Also known as spoiled
She only flys 1st class, she is such a high class bitch.
by Real HCB February 23, 2019
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the class of bitches playing the game that you have to drink wine with to fuck. basically higher class privileged girls that still like to party but want to be classy about it.
You can't feed these girls beer, they're wine class bitches!
by youknowitson August 23, 2009
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Top Class Bitch :-A woman that doesn't give a fuck and that can and will be cruel to men and womem . dont care about no but herself. care her self well .and never care about braking a nail to kick someones asss
Davarel your a top class bitch
by davarel March 9, 2008
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Playing an easy role/class/character in an online game that requires almost no skill and that virtually one shots other players. A good example of this from Overwatch are: Mei, Roadhog, Hanzo
"Yo, look at l33tkillr, he's playing a bitch class!"
by 32287278432 November 23, 2016
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A crazy baby mama that won't stop trippin over the damn child support nd shit.
"Oh my God, if your damn Class 5 crazy bitch don't stawp callin' den ima have to cut a bitch."
by Blacksexy23 October 7, 2013
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