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Also C.A.B(n)/(adj)
In the hierarchy of bitches,( i.e. basic bitch, bitch, ugly bitch, dirty bitch, sexy bitch, biacth, class action bitch, bitch queen, bitch of bitches, Hillary Clinton, The Goddess Hera {note, lesbians might include butch}), a Class Action Bitch is near the top tier of overly vindictive, venomous, and down right evil bitches. Replete with a tongue that drips venomous accusations, a permanent bitch face, and a tendency to be followed by an entire order of jabbering White Knights, a Class Action Bitch has the law, the media, and the academics on her side. A single faked tear can unleash her hordes of soldiers ready to defend Muh Lady's honor by taking it out on your ass.

A Class Action Bitch may strike without notice and usually without any mercy whatsoever for any perceived slight or internalized offense. If you must deal with a Class Action Bitch, proceed very cautiously, be sure to have a spare job, and a really good lawyer(s). It wouldn't hurt to study their sacred feminist texts in order to understand what triggers them the most. See everything for more information on what triggers a Class Action Bitch.

Note that a Class Action Bitch does not need to be intelligent, her danger comes from the influence she has with Hwite Knights, or radical feminists in positions of power who can then be used to indirectly damage you.
Murray felt his blood freeze as he felt the cold stare of Susan, the Class Action Bitch, slice through him. That afternoon Murray was fired from his job for what was described as sexual harassment, despite this being his first day and not even speaking to the woman.

"Shh, don't say that man! You see that woman over there? Well she's a real Class Action Bitch! Last week she got a guy fired on his first day for turning on the air conditioner without her consent!"

Laura realized that Kristine was allowing her to use her homework and sit at her table to get with Jeremy, even though Jeremy was Laura's boyfriend, but Laura needed Kristine for the grades, fucking Class Action Bitch!!!

Not giving a damn anymore, George called Lisa a Class Action Bitch C.A.B, knowing full well the grim repercussions that would follow. George we barely knew thee....

Jimmy's mother is such a Class Action Bitch, last week during the soccer game, she went our of her way to disqualify a player on the other team because he looked at Jimmy the wrong way.
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by Jiffy Wilakurs June 08, 2018
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