Mostly used by immigrants in Denmark. The word ''hanzo'' means ''Pig'' or ''asshole''.
The f, u doing fuking hanzo
by ihateiggy December 20, 2015
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Best 10/10 you must pick him to win every game.
Oh yea that hanzo carried us man.
by Hanzo man December 06, 2018
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A character in Overwatch that 99.9% of players despise. Those who main him are most likely bullied by their teammates.
Player 1: Ewwww you're playing Hanzo?

Player 2: Yeah, what about it?
Player 1: *Starts cussing at Player 2*
Player 1: Give me a break.....
by Sai-Chan November 26, 2020
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An Overwatch player who refuses to pick any hero other than Hanzo. These players are hated by the community and are seen as toxic. Most Hanzo mains are really bad at the game, they act like that because they have no friends and none of their family members care about them, so they lash out on people online because there are no repercussions to their actions.
The Hanzo-main is throwing the game, he hasn't gotten a single kill all game.
by 10quid January 04, 2017
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Also known as Masashige. The son of a certain Hattori Yasunaga, Hanzo, who would earn the nickname 'Devil Hanzo', served Tokugawa Ieyasu loyally and usefully. His nickname - Devil Hanzo - was not only to pay homage to his skills but also to distinguish him from another Tokugawa 'ninja', Watanabe Hanzo. Hattori, who fought his first battle at the age of 16, went on to serve at Anegawa (1570) and Mikatagahara (1572), but his most valuable contribution came in 1582, following Oda Nobunaga's death. At that time Tokugawa and his retainers had been staying near Ôsaka and learned of the assassination only just in time to avoid being detained by Akechi Mitsuhide's troops. But they were by no means out of the woods. Mikawa was still a long way away, and Akechi men would be combing the roads for them. At this point, Hanzo suggested that they take a route through Iga province, as he had ties with the samurai there. In addition, Ieyasu had sheltered survivors from Nobunaga's bloody invasion of that province in 1580 and those who knew of this would certainly be well disposed to offer assistance. Honda Tadakatsu sent Hanzo on ahead, and, as hoped, the Iga men agreed not only to guide them along back roads, but also to provide them with an escort. At length, Tokugawa and his band returned to Mikawa safely. The same could not be said for Anayama Beisetsu, a recent Tokugawa addition who had insisted on taking a different route.
Hattori Hanzo is one of the most famous Ninja's in history.
by I hate bad grammar. April 24, 2004
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