CLASS (acronym), Come Late And Start Sleeping
Mom:Go to bed, you're going to be late for class and your probably going to fall asleep in class aswell.

Alex: I know.
by Guenov January 15, 2012
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Class, a term used as slang with young people to say it was good, or enjoyable, particulary popular in "Drogheda", Co. Louth, Ireland
"Did you see th match last night? the strikers goal was class"
by Philip Nolan October 21, 2005
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In typical Object-Oriented languages, a class is a collection of data, and a collection of methods that operate on that data.
I needed some additional logic to handle the rendering, so I added a new class to the system.
by subanark June 28, 2004
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(classy, classiness) If one has class they have the ability to make anything (clothing, food, everyday items, etc.) look suave, or like something a rich person would acquire.
"hey look at bill over there. He looks real classy with that glass of lemon lime bitters."
by xXIlluminati_warriorXx April 21, 2013
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C.L.A.S.S. acronym: Consuming Liquor And Seeking Sex. What so many students are doing instead of paying attention, studying, or even showing up for a course of study.
"Sorry can't, I have CLASS tonight"
"Really? There's no school tonight"
by tent man March 05, 2009
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1.That episode of fantasy factory where they go clubbing with mature women in formal wear and drink champagne.

2. Jack Creech
That man is classy like jack creech.
by Sammy Sprinkler II June 22, 2011
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