Dude, drinkin' outa these bud bottles, is straight class.
by Mike Stang February 08, 2008
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What you class might look like
Gas chamber that still has all of the gas in it
Prison cell (and the toilet is for public use)
Abandoned house with murders and possessed children
Battle grounds that still have all of the corpses
Moldy basement that has homeless people living in it
Nursing home that is almost older than all of the people there combined

What your class might smell like
Old Cheese that is about as old as you
Rat poop that is usually either in the desk, or in the corners with all the dust
A dead person that had fish and seafood for breakfast, lunch and dinner
An unwashed kuder that is on their period
Rusted metal that was supposed to look, and I quote "A rustic chic"
A clowns breath that just killed your entire family, and is after you now
Cat pee that that is in the carpet, and you are now ready to burn down the house
Dog crap that has been sitting in the backyard for a while
Idk what to write here...
by November 12, 2020
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adjectival ejaculatory exlamation. Disproportionately complementary to solid. No, I am not asking you what type of Mercedes that is.
Antonyms: ass, sass, morass
Synonym: panache
"Perfect attendance! Class!"

"You got seat warmers! Class!"
-Wrong response: "ML 430." this is just wrong. no.
by khat. who else. October 12, 2004
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A chosen branch of advancement for a character or avatar in a role-playing game wordRPG/word
<l33t_g33k> What class did you choose?
<n00b_g33k> I chose the Infiltrator, and someday im going to r0XX0R! Can I have some gold?!?!?
<l33t_g33k> ...
by The Baron October 06, 2003
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solo cups you put in the dishwasher that are kinda melty lookin
I'm tryna drink some wine tonight, can you get that class?
by birdmanjunior99 November 30, 2010
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a thing in school where people go when they are young and stupid to learn about sex, drugs, and violence.
damn it man i gotta go 2 that stupid ass history class 2day.
fuckin bitches gave me medical classes when i asked 4 construction classes
by Dick April 30, 2004
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That is a truly witty retort/pun/statement, that made me spurt coffee onto my monitor.
by moschops April 01, 2003
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