A word used to describe anything that is surreally good.
"Oh my God, that new phone is class!"
"Aw class! That biatch is unreal!"
by Mr. Cork March 16, 2006
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<n, pl.>
The plural of the noun class, which can be defined as one of usually many branches of advancement for characters or avatars in rpgs
This game has way too many classes!
by The Baron October 06, 2003
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The epitome of man. An individual who's Classiness out weighs the worlds. Who's talent is surpassed only by his dashing good looks. Someone who smokes cigars of gold, and will only do things for his pleasure. A man who uses his dog for his chariot, instead of horses. A man who isn't afraid to show you his Texas belt buckle, and send pictures of it to people. A man...of CLASS.
Drinking out of a glass, being rested upon your stomach...thats classy.
by Big Z-UNIT August 06, 2008
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When a boy or girl has a formal, even somewhat snooty way about them, women without class are particularly ho's, or tomboys.
by Wizzkid2 August 25, 2011
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A really cool/funny/original person that isn't afraid to be themselves and tell people about it is often described to have class or be classy.

The term classy now a days ,how ever, is normally used in a sarcastic form, seeing as how the image of class over time has deteriorated completely but can still be seen as a compliment or a funny joke.
Example 1:
Guy: So what's up?
Girl: Just eating grilled cheese and watching mr.woodcock
Guy: You've got class

Example 2:
Guy 1: Yeah, she was wearing an extremely tight skirt and it's practically freezing outside. What a slut.
Guy 2: No way man! Tight skirt automatically means she's classy!
by cabauteesta April 16, 2011
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Characteristic girls claim to have when they are scared to get dirt rolled in a physical altercation.
Girl 1: Heard you wanna fight?
Girl 2: Um, no. I have more class then that.

by girlnumberone February 07, 2011
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