A smelly weird stinky girl who is afraid of most people on earth. She also is very moist in all area of her body particularly her hands. Shes a stingey ass girl and usually keeps to herself. She also usually tends to have massive crushes on 6,5 pure bread black nibbas
Clammy sammy-A clammy girl Omg look sammy is getting a big black clammy cock
by GangBangerGangGang223 March 23, 2020
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Someone who's way too fuckin' moist to play xbox.
God damn Colonel Clammy, your hands are too moist to play CoD. foreskin.
by 2moist4u August 13, 2011
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When you sweat your balls off in a video game and your hands start sweating so much they get clammy
I was playing search with the boys and got handy clammy
by m0zzarella_cheese October 23, 2020
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