A delectable treat that one usually desires when they are baked.
Have that bitch make me some blueberry pancakes.
by Nathaniel Emdee August 12, 2006
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A vagina with three fists in it at one time.
How was ur orgy the other day? Pretty great! at one point, Becky got a Blueberry Pancake!
by alwaysfresca May 28, 2011
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when a smurf cums on your face and leaves it on for 30 minutes then peels off to eat
Jake: “Yo I went to the forest yesterday and I got a blueberry pancake from Papa Smurf it’s basically a smurf cumming on your face then you wait 30 minutes then you eat it, so good and delectable ”

Sarah: “Wow ur so lucky I wish I got one”
by sophiejaydylan April 21, 2020
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When you have blue balls and diahrrea, you bust a nut on the diahrrea to make Blueberry Pancakes.
Damn, I have raging diahrrea and some balls as blue as the sky. Time to make Blueberry Pancakes.
by Boris the Slav April 21, 2017
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You havnt had sex in awhile so you have blue balls. You are so desperate it will often result in sex with an ugly heavier girl.
"Man I had blueberry pancake this weekend, I'm not proud but I did.
by peanut butter 105 August 11, 2015
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This will hurt somebody's feelings. You will laugh, they will cry.
if you REALLY REALLY don't like somebody, call them a BLUEBERRY PANCAKE.
but if you just don't like them, call them a pancake.
by Tori^Brittany October 27, 2007
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A sexual blueberry pancake occurs when an exceptionally beautiful woman coerces a man into taking MDMA, or ecstasy. Then in his state of euphoria and heightened intimacy she places a cake over his penis and proceeds to perform oral sex through the cake.
Guy 1: She gave me a sexual blueberry pancake last night!
Guy 2: How do you even remember?
Guy 1: I don't, she posted it online.
by pastrielover March 05, 2011
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