I was about to suggest that we leave, when I looked over at Gladys and she was in a 259 situation. I said get ahold of yourself, she’s not that funny.
by Paeoni Dreams November 30, 2021
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It's 259 and I can't stop thinking of you... Of us and what could've been.
259.... I just want to know why?
by Beam.Me.Up October 27, 2022
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Weirdo here...Hi it's me AGAIN. I know you must be tired or bored or annoyed by this kind of communication. You may even think Im a coward who can't tell this to you directly but it's little true.

On that day I lied to you bcuz it was overwhelming and all of a sudden it was many things and the whole future came before my eyes like flashes I got little scared. And another reason why I lied was I was mentally depressed and unstable due to some family problems. I hurt you by those things that I said on that day. I know it was very bad of me. I think about that day everyday it's a reminder to me that how bad person I am.

Who get a chance like this...chatting with your so-long 'school crush' for the first time(yes you read it right and it's the story i mentioned) and finding out she's exactly a clone of you and becoming a best friend who she's open with and feeling some connection evn from previous birth lol and becoming a person who she love. But in the end I just messed and destroyed everything, wasn't I? I'm Sorry.
Saying sorry about million times isn't enough for what I did. But you forgiving me is all enough. And the Truth is

"I Love You". That's why I'm doing this all.
I know now I'm overwhelming you with all these things. Think and decide whatever you feel.

Also this actually feels good too or not for you. I'm sooo Sorry for keep doing this. I'll try to talk to you directly through texts if you want to or....
If you want to talk about these things and you don't want to ask me directly, send a signal like something that I only know (maybe a wsapp status or maybe...add your own definition here for the same word 259 it's not a difficult work just create an account and publish your reply as a definition for 259 like i did ) If you're going to do this mention some things that we only know that I never mentioned here(it's just for knowing it's really you). If you don't want to do this, atleast tell me that you read this all by any means. ALWAYS I'll wait...
by the.weird.aLi3n February 18, 2021
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Hey Sorry. i know my spamming was a lot today. it must be shocking to wake up to something like that oops. the reason was i couldnt go to anyone other than you...yk to talk about something just like that. youre the only soul in the whole multiverse who would understand that. yeah i was over-reacted maybe. hope you understand
259.....weird me with another dumb entry.
by the.weird.aLi3n January 5, 2022
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When it's 2:59 am and you can't get back to sleep.

Too much on my mind, but I have to stay on the grind because the world waits for no 1.
Hi... I know it's 259 in the morning, but you're the only person I feel comfortable enough to chat with... Do you have the time to listen?
by Buzz.Buzz. October 30, 2022
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have you ever think this...if you did something different in your past even if it is something little like deciding to take this food instead of another, deciding to go somewhere instead of other or like said something else instead of a worst thing you ever said, that.... it would have change the present you're living in rn in a very veryyy veryyy different weird odd maybe worse maybe awesome maybe good way......yeah like a time travel(not me being nerdy here too).

that little thing we do or say can change many things...can make a large impact on this fvcking planet where the stupid humans thrive to make a living.

you must be thinking why im saying this nonsense...yeah you barely even understand this
. idk i just wanted to say

Do you want to change any moment in your life?.......do you???

Do i change any moment in my life??? ....you know
by the.weird.aLi3n December 23, 2021
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it's me...G. probably youre not reading this anyway...

it is obvious that youre avoiding me lately. idk why. i know for a fact that i deserve it for what i did to you.

im really sorry for everything. this pain is too much. . youre the light of my life. youre the everything. you literally changed my whole life like every single thing and im really really glad you did that. now for some reason you hate me. did i do anything wrong lately? i might have did or said something. please tell me what is it.

it looks like you lost interest in talking to me. your late replies and sometimes you forgets that i exist. it is very that you dont wanna talk to me. but why. i hate me. i dont know what i did.

that's the thing with me. i fucking screw everything in my life when i never meant to. im my own enemy. i dont deserve anything. yet you made me feel different. i was never even supposed to live this long. i shouldve died a long time ago. but it's YOU.
by the.weird.aLi3n January 25, 2022
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