a ugly WhOrE that wants to fight everyone and talks wayyyyyy yo dAyUm much
that annoying bitch just won't STFU
by i am just that BiOtCh December 26, 2020
An annoying bitch is that one hot cheeto girl that sits in the back of ur class who wants to fight every one and thinks she in the mane Bitch Who legs are open 24 hours a day 7 day a week.
That annoying bitch won't stfu
by Jayden Lizardi May 7, 2020
A fucking bitch who gets on your nerve every day, and decides to take everything you bring in class to the office and makes you want to slap the bitch out of her.
Wow, Mrs. Tess is a annoying bitch teacher.
by Vinderhar April 5, 2017