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1. A bitter expresso.

2. A midget who utilizes accessories such as hats to appear slightly taller. Although, they still remain a midget for life. They are known as "Hat-racks".

3. A deceased author in real life.

4. A very bitter, salty ex who copes with alcohol.

5. A stubborn closeted bisexual.

6. A very pleasant, seductive looking ginger who does possess warm soul.

This "slang noun" can also be typed with 1 lowercase "u" rather than 2. Or you can place an accent on the single lowercase "u" called a U Macron which looks like this; Ū, ū.
1. I'd like a Chuuya.
2. Look at that Chuuya. They're so smol.
3. Chuuya died in Tokyo, Japan on October 22, 1937. A work of his is "Poem of the Goat".

4. Stop being such a Chuuya. Go back to your tall brunette friend.

5. Geez, open up Chuuya.

6. That Chuuya is hot.
by I'mALazyGivemefoodPanda August 18, 2017
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