1. A bitter expresso.

2. A midget who utilizes accessories such as hats to appear slightly taller. Although, they still remain a midget for life. They are known as "Hat-racks".

3. A deceased author in real life.

4. A very bitter, salty ex who copes with alcohol.

5. A stubborn closeted bisexual.

6. A very pleasant, seductive looking ginger who does possess warm soul.

7. Shawty and Daddy

This "slang noun" can also be typed with 1 lowercase "u" rather than 2. Or you can place an accent on the single lowercase "u" called a U Macron which looks like this; Ū, ū.
1. I'd like a Chuuya.
2. Look at that Chuuya. They're so smol.
3. Chuuya died in Tokyo, Japan on October 22, 1937. A work of his is "Poem of the Goat".

4. Stop being such a Chuuya. Go back to your tall brunette friend.

5. Geez, open up Chuuya.

6. That Chuuya is hot.
by Kazutora's Pet Cat August 02, 2020
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the sexiest man alive
the biggest cock u have ever saw 100000 inches
he’s a lil fruity with Dazai
Person 1: do know who the sexiest man is?
Person 2: Chuuya Nakahara obviously
by Hottest mf alive March 09, 2021
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Dazai: I blew up Chuuya’s car
Oda’s grave: .......................
by @lypweq June 25, 2021
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The sexiest male to ever enter anime with the biggest horse cock. He's also very small
Chuuya is the most handsome person in all of bungou stray dogs
by November 28, 2020
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A tsundere boy in a manga (Bungo stray dogs) He is gayer than myself lol. He small and likes Dazai and is a person with drama to the point he is annoying.
Chuuya Nakahara is a cute tsundere boy.
by Muichiro the mist piller January 14, 2021
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1. (noun.) the best person to ever exist, hawty and DADDY 🥵🥺.

2. (adjective) a very cool & swag person.
1. chuuya nakahara is so cool he is my boyfriend ugh🥵🥵
2. you're very chuuya nakahara today!
by chuuya's boyfriend March 08, 2021
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The best ship to exist and 100% canon

ship name - Luuya
“do you ship Luuya?”
you mean Light x Chuuya? yes! they’re my comfort ship.”
by chzpyx January 31, 2021
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