person 1 : have u heard of bungo stray dogs
person 2 : uh no im not a f@g
by aethersupremacist_ November 19, 2021
a derogatory term used to describe the god forsaken fandom of bungo stray dogs right here ON TIKTOK now
Person 1: Ugh I’m so sick of those bungo stray dogs tik tokers! always destroying my farm

Person 2 (a secret bungo stray dogs tik toker retired): m-m-s-senapi I need to tell you somethingz...
a very hot and attractive man that even grabs all the lesbians attention! im omni but holy shit all of chuuyatok are the lesbos!

hes a 5'3 ginger guy who definitely listens to chase atlantic cause hes fucking hot like that

anger issues clearly and is definitely a lil aroace gay ;3

when he is near dazai he is the definition of homosexuality caught on camera.
i love chuuya nakahara from the hit animanga series bungo stray dogs
by kio<3 February 12, 2023
hot sadistic doctor from bsd and the nr1 lesbian EVER
why is yosano akiko from the hit animanga series bungo stray dogs such a lesbian!?
by kio<3 February 12, 2023