When a woman is rides a man reverse cowgirl; he grabs her by her neck and hair; and loops her up and down in a circlular motion on his cock.
I was churning butter so hard last night she can't walk right.
by Sambubs April 28, 2018
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The result of walking after one has not defecated completely. This is usually due to constipation where the poop breaks in half, and one could wipe all day and still not be completely clean.
“My poop broke off before I went mountain climbing, so I was churning butter all day long.
by tenesmus September 11, 2016
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When a man ejaculates within a woman's cooch and proceeds to continue humping away even though she is filled with his population porridge. The rod/thrusting action is very similar to how the people (in the days of yore) churned butter.
The fact that spooge is white and creamy, similar to cream prior to it being churned into butter, just adds to the greatness of this term.
After busting a nut inside her, I was churning butter for about 4 minutes until I started going limp.
by William W. March 13, 2007
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While having intercourse with a woman, you stand up and pick her upside down while she performs fellatio, as she is doing so you thrust her up and down in the manner of churning butter.
That girl is so small I could easily churn butter with her.
by Squatch Godblin April 12, 2020
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To get a hand job
John: Hey Ted how was Susan last night?
Ted: Great she knew how to Churn Butter like a pro!
John: Lucky! I have to churn my own butter now that Kari left me.
by churnmyself4fun August 16, 2011
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Masturbation, man-style, with two hands. Must use an up and down, side to side flowing motion. Just like a grandma churning butter in a barrel in the late 1800's.
My girlfriend wanted some spread for her bread, so she had me cum over and started churning butter.
by BigStevieStyle January 5, 2006
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Eatting a chicks ass after your cum has ran out her cunt and down the crack of her ass.
Sue didn't think Tyler was very cute but he always was into churning her butter.
by Jimboozie October 14, 2003
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