5 definitions by tenesmus

A person that draws cocks everywhere.
After I cleaned off my white board, a mysterious cocktoonist drew a bag of dicks on it for the office's viewing pleasure.
by tenesmus May 2, 2018
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When a turd ceases to be a island in the toilet and becomes a continent; often completely filling the hopper.
I had so much PF Chang's last night that I just pinched a massive Continental.
by tenesmus March 10, 2016
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The result of walking after one has not defecated completely. This is usually due to constipation where the poop breaks in half, and one could wipe all day and still not be completely clean.
“My poop broke off before I went mountain climbing, so I was churning butter all day long.
by tenesmus September 11, 2016
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Your mother squealed like a piggy when I was giving her a ham dinner.
by tenesmus October 11, 2014
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When you take a crap in the woods and leave a trail of toilet paper leading to the poo so you don't step in it later.
one deer hunter to another: "I left a Hansel and Gretel by the big pine tree, so you may want to avoid that area; At least it's clearly marked".
by tenesmus November 23, 2017
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