Slang term for the Corpus Spongiosum. This is the rib-like tube that runs laterally on the underside of the human penis and encases the Urethra.

It becomes more prominent and noticeable when the penis is erect.

First used on the popular comedy podcast Puke & the Gang.
A couple of days after the orgy, he felt a strange burning sensation when squeezing his chunnel.
by Puke & the Gang August 26, 2012
In alcohol terms, the chunnel is very similar to the funnel. The chunnel has a much wider tube, forcing the person to chug more than you would for a funnel.
Bring the chunnel to the party tonight!
by qwertyup poiureqw July 18, 2008
The insertion of a connecting pipe between two peoples anus's (preferably a clear pipe) and the passing of turds back and forth for sexual gratification.
Do you fancy something different tonight darling? On urban dictionary I found something called Chunneling
by Lee Bullock- MulletHunter September 10, 2003
The art of "Chunneling" or pooping in another's anus for satisfaction.
I am a master using the chunnelism technique, those butts will never stay clean!
by baka980 April 9, 2010
A variation on the tittyfuck, one man will place his penis between a woman's breast while kneeling over her face. Another man will kneel over the woman's abdomen while facing the other man, and also place his penis between her breasts. The two men's penises will be pointing at each other and may even touch at times, like two trains passing in the Chunnel.
That girls ginourmous boobs would be great for chunnelling.
by El Mochilero May 25, 2008
Two gay guys connect their asses together with a plastic tube. Then one guy takes a shit and lets it glide to the other person. They do this for a while.
Ultimeas likes chunneling with his dad. That is when hes not busy being teh Dancing Queen.
by DragonHunter February 16, 2004
To Chunnel, Chunneling is the sexual practice of defecating inside a toilet roll, then inserting that toilet roll into a person, and having sex with that toilet roll whilst it's inside them.

It is commonly used around Maidstone and other areas in Kent in particular, and is named after the Channel Tunnel, because the act of chunneling looks a bit like a car going into the Channel Tunnel.
He deserves a good chunneling for that.
by eggsbag October 7, 2012