3 definitions by El Mochilero

A variation on the tittyfuck, one man will place his penis between a woman's breast while kneeling over her face. Another man will kneel over the woman's abdomen while facing the other man, and also place his penis between her breasts. The two men's penises will be pointing at each other and may even touch at times, like two trains passing in the Chunnel.
That girls ginourmous boobs would be great for chunnelling.
by El Mochilero May 25, 2008
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At a bar or nightclub, it is trying to hook up with, dance with, or talk to the same girl your friend is trying to hook up with. This usually results in the girl being quickly overwhelmed, freaking out, and leaving you both by yourselves.

Past tense: Roxburied.
Q: "What happened to that girl you were talking to?"

A: "Oh, Jay came over there and roxburied me. She ran away apalled, back to her huddle of friends."

followed by the agreived party singing "What is love, baby don't hurt me..." and pointing at the roxburying offender.
by El Mochilero January 30, 2012
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Devious sexual practice where one man has intercourse with a woman, while another man has sex with the man that is having sex with the woman, thereby "fucking" the woman "by proxy." Definition can be extrapolated to any situation where one person uses another person to "fuck" somebody.
Administration is totally using Human Resources to proxy fuck us out of our jobs.
by El Mochilero May 25, 2008
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