Slightly chavvy town on the River Medway.
"No John, please don't take me to Maidstone again"
by oversized December 28, 2014
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Commonplace for landlords of multiple properties to live and party especially on weekend trips to Amsterdam where they get off their bonce on shrooms.
Me: Hey where has our old landlord dave gone?
Friend: Did you not hear? He moved to Maidstone and parties regularly in Amsterdam.
by Shabbaz August 02, 2018
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the evil version of ameston who likely uses obsidian and a kb stick with a punch bow in bedwars
by Xadreco March 09, 2021
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Mostly full of gay boys. All of them are road men or gamers that haven’t heard of hygiene. Head teacher looks like an absolute nonce. Mainly short boys that don’t know how to shut the absolute fuck up.
“Shit I have to go to Maidstone grammar school now!”
“Make sure you don’t get ur balls slapped by the nonce!”
by Anonymous1237 February 08, 2021
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A shithole that can be found in the south east of Kent just outside of London, normally a lot of dodgey shit is going on around there.
“This place is a bit like Maidstone......fucking shit
Said Frank
by Imkoollll June 06, 2021
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