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Electric whale transports are three or four-wheeled electric carts that people, almost exclusively elderly or morbidly obese, ride around on in stores, malls, or anywhere else that requires walking a distance greater than from the couch to the refrigerator.
I was in a hurry to get out of Target, but some fatty in an electric whale transport was holding up the checkout line.
by Two11two March 12, 2008
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Being sick and vomiting. I believe it originates from "watch under", for when someone vomits from an elevated location.
I'm not going to be the designated driver while barhopping anymore; people keep chundering in my car.
by Two11two March 7, 2007
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Quite simply, it means "bitch." Its a term often used in areas where people describe themselves, such as online dating sites (which is often the only place for them to get dates, since anyone who encounters them in real life realizes how unpleasant they are.)

Professional women generally have thinly disguised contempt for males, and are likely to remain single and childless well into their 30's, since they are about as nurturing as an electric chair.
I met a chick on Match.com last week who said she was a professional woman. Man, what an angry bitch!
by Two11two December 30, 2009
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Housing developments, such as low-income apartment complexes, typically located in depressed urban areas. Commonly populated by black people.
I saw more police crime scene tape strung up by the bunny huts. Natives must be getting restless again.
by Two11two October 26, 2006
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Trying to expel a fart using force, usually with the intent of creating or maximizing noise.
When the movie theater got quiet, I tried to squeeze cheese to get a good laugh.
by Two11two October 15, 2008
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