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Adj: Similar to chunder, but a word to describe the trigger. Often said in a sarcastic tone.

Usually meaning feeling ready to be sick, or an object that would make you want to be sick if you saw it.
Andy: Did you see that documentary where the mother bird regurgitated that food, I felt so sick!

Kev: Yeah, was totally chunderful.


Dave: After heading out on a pub crawl last night, I woke up this morning feeling absolutely chunderful!
by beerlover October 20, 2007
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Something that is ''sick'' as well as ''wonderful''
Girl 1 - Mate, that tune is sick
Girl 2 - Just wonderful
Girl 1 - Chunderful
Girl 2 - You're a funt, but you're right
by Afrothumper February 22, 2011
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