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While in the process of projectile chundering due to excessive alcohol consumption, flapping your arms up and down so that you look like a dragon. The vom flying out your mouth is supposed to resemble fire - depending on what you've eatne
Man 1 "uuuuuuurrrgggggggggggh"
Man 2 " quick! flap your arms, you'll look like a dragon"

Man 1 performs the Chunder Dragon
by warndog123 February 26, 2010
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Chunder Dragon is to vomit like a fire breathing dragon. Key actions are to remember to throw your hands back behind you, and projectile vomit forward.

Chunder Dragon is best used as a chant EG 'Chunder , Chunder, Victor is a Chunder Dragon' This is best used inside a pub or club where a large audience can join in.
Ted: 'Mate, you are a mess. In fact, I think you are going to chunder, make sure you throw your hands back so you look like a chunder dragon'
Victor: 'Bluuuuuugarrrrrrrrrrrrr'
Ted: ' Chunder, Chunder, Victor is a chunder dragon'
by 100% Oxford October 05, 2016
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The highest honour that can be attained in hellraiser culture. These people are amongst the most elite and powerful human beings the gods have ever composed atoms to create. They are infused with the essence of the four loko and black and mild gods. They are the masters of chugging do not challenge them. They are rare and beautiful creatures, all sporting large muscles and huge dongs.
Oh hell Aj, there goes the damn Chunder Dragon
by The Real Chunder Dragon March 14, 2017
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An alcoholic drink found in lucozade bottles discarded at the isle of wight festival. Although the actual contents of the drink are unknown it is believed to contain vodka, jagermeister, whisky, beer, cider and urine. It is called "Chunder Dragon" because anyone who consumes it normally vomits violently. It is also known as "the Chunderer"
Guy 1 - *Drinks Chunder Dragon* Chunder.
by Jengo1 June 25, 2012
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When you throw up out of your mouth and it comes out of your nose at the same time
Bro after that party last night I pulled a chunder dragon in the bathroom when I got home
by K-Lord June 18, 2017
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The act of vomiting, while flapping your arms, with the chunder representing fire.
Amy did the chunderdragon outside Jack's house and chunderded down his driveway
by Bigrab69 December 07, 2016
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