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Chubby teenager who loves to play PC games and who is extremely shy. He founded the WebGamer Monthly magazine and is a member of several forum communities, most notably Rage3D and Rome.Ro.
by Matthew Christian June 22, 2006
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Also another word for chode, chubz is a word that describes a short, wide penis. Sometimes it just means a short penis, and that's something people can lol about all day long despite the fact that their penis is usually smaller.
1: Hey man, I was gonna get anal by Andrew last night, but he had the worst chubz ever!

2: No shit? Man, that's so sad! I'm gonna go laugh at him then masturbate sadly because my dick is crooked...

1: ........DO A BARREL ROLL!
by Cold Winter February 17, 2011
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An outstandingly talented, independent, Milwaukee-based rapper whose popularity significantly increased after being crowned as 2011 KISS Idol through the radio station 103.7 KISS FM. His song "Hip Hop" earned him the privilege to perform in 2011 at the world's largest music festival: Summerfest.

Commonly found stuntin' on 'em, Chubz reps for Team Nameless along with fellow rappers Diaz and Cinco. B'Nallen, the additional nameless, works as the group's jam session acoustics provider as he is an extremely talented guitarist.

Chubz spits fire over both sick digital beats and acoustic beats. He reports that his music influences stem from artists like Kanye West, Drake, KiD CuDi, All-American Rejects, B.o.B., Jay-Z, Asher Roth, and Lupe Fiasco.

Chubz was born in Milwaukee, WI and continues to pursue his musical career in Milwaukee. A close friend reports, "His drive for success is what makes Chubz so different from everyone else. I've never met anyone so determined to be heard - so in love with what he does."

His first OFFICIAL mixtape, titled "What I'm Meant To Be", drops June 2, 2011.

For more up-to-date information on Chubz, please see the Chubz Facebook profile.
"Did you know Chubz won Milwaukee's Kiss Idol 2011?"
"Yeah, bro! How sick! He's really coming up in the game!"
by Miss Nameless May 25, 2011
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She may look small but could crush your skull with just a look. you either love her or you hate her. or you think shes alright. Her air drumming skills will cause you to empty your bowls. Known to be loud, but brutal with a very distinctive, annoying laugh. often mistaken for a male.
Oh my god my wife is dead!
must of been killed by Chubz.
by getfuckinglow June 03, 2009
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a word brought to sweden by some really cool person, often stolen by brazilian jews
remember that time i called you chubz
"no i'm stupid so i'm gonna say i said the word chubz first when i didn't even know it existed"
by chubz12345 June 27, 2011
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