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Unbeknownst to most, Christopher Reeve was the leader of NAMBLA. He was subsequently on the receiving end of two CIA death plots, the second of which was a success.

In 1995 the CIA sent covert agents into the woods nearby a barn where Reeve was riding a horse. The agents turned on a jet engine aimed ever so carefully and the resulting gust of wind violently threw Reeve off of his horse. The attempt failed when Reeve lived through this "accident"

Then, in November 2004, with the help of Mossad, two agents snuck into Reeve's home and ever so quietly unplugged his respiratory system which caused Superman to pass away.
Christopher Reeve was the brunt of a CIA/Mossad assassination.
by bob landry February 10, 2006
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A great actor who played superman. But then he fell off his horse or something stupid and turned into a cripple. He is now the blunt of hilarious jokes, although they aren't quite as funny now that he's dead.
The latest superman movie will be released this summer. It has a new twist though. Superman's weakness is no longer kryptonite, but rather, stairs.
by Jizzle Lizzle May 10, 2005
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The effect after smoking so much marijuana that you cant feel your body. Sometimes replaces the word marijuana in a sentence.
"That AK hydro got me Christopher Reeve"

"Not only did that shit get me stoned, but it got me chris reeve"

"Sell me a gram of that christopher reeve"
by Jacob Juelz September 15, 2006
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