Can be used in many different situations... Basically when any situation has an outcome - 'it got me'
1. When you are drunk - 'guys, it got me'
2. When you are laughing really hard - ' lolololol, it's got me'
3. When you have over exercised - 'those stairs got me'
4. When the music is intergalactic - 'wob wob wob - it got me'
by Sarah Sprite June 9, 2015
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1. signals the offense of a person doubting ones ability.
2. could be used as a way to state someone not knowing who you are.
originates in philadelphia
by Nadine Marie February 13, 2009
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got me dead is usually used when something is hilarious (similar to lmao) that you die a little on the inside or it’s something that makes you woke or shook
person 1- “yo have u herd of kkk?!”
person 2- “yeahhh kkk got me dead”


Person 1- “dude look at this meme”
Person 2- “lol got me dead”
by milkk drinker January 23, 2018
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Being mad or angry at a situation that someone got you bent.
Mannn this bitch got me tight talkin bout she ain't tryna fuck.
by Moeejay February 6, 2017
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“Yo did you see that Mr. jones assigned twenty five assignments that are due at midnight?!”

“Yea, he got rly got me bent
by March 24, 2020
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