The day before Christmas Eve, 2 days before Christmas.
Stay away from the malls on Christmas Eve Eve.

Today is Christmas Eve Eve.
by IBKTMC December 23, 2006
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The day before Christmas Eve. All "Eve" holidays are better than the actual holiday because the day does not have to live up to the expectation of the real holiday. People are also usually off work on "eve's" so it is like everyones Friday night!!!
Happy Christmas Eve Eve!! Let's get Hammered!!!
by LindsNicP December 23, 2009
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Christmas Eve Eve is the day before Christmas Eve. It should be treated like Christmas Eve but it isn't.
Christmas Eve Eve is my favorite time of year!!
by Orfels December 23, 2018
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an attractive woman you meet on the first pages of the Bible and on Christmas Eve; some people have got the daft idea that she's Father Christmas' niece.
May I introduce Christmas Eve Eve to you?
by pebbles74 December 23, 2009
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It is December 23rd. The day before Christmas Eve. If you want to shop last minute for presents, you should go on this day instead of Christmas Eve because it will be somewhat less crowded.
cunt #1: Shit, I need to buy presents. Should I go today or just go tomorrow which is Christmas Eve.

cunt #2: Bitch, hell to the no. Go today, Christmas Eve Eve. The stores won't be as packed as they will be tomorrow.
by mcnuggetdestroyer December 23, 2017
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