the most amazing guy ever.
he is sweet, funny, adorable, hott! :) , everything you could ever want.

He's great. :)
by blondy69 November 30, 2009
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A jesus impersonator/wannaba
"That christman over there thinks he can walk on water, but ive seen him fall into the pool a hundred times by now"
by NZap December 22, 2009
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A fucking idiot who doesn’t understand anything and watches hentai for a living
Blake is an absolute Christman
by Yeetis fetus October 19, 2019
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The manly art of going out the week before Christmas and buying yourself a gift that you really, really want thus causing your friends/family to return the one that they bought you that you hadn't opened yet.
Him: "So I really wanted a new leather coat and I saw this on a Christmas Eve sale and bought it for myself. It's my way of Christman shopping"

Her: "I guess the one that I bought for you can go to the homeless shelter for Christmas. At least they'll appreciate it"
by GUK S. December 23, 2009
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1.) Feeler
2.) Synonym of headass
3.) A gold ranked player that mains Junkrat and Roadhog in Overwatch and sometimes chooses to play Torbjorn when he feels like being a real scumbag.

4.) Member of LTA's 2018 senior class who is a Packers fan that hates the Patriots and Seahawks and roasts anybody who likes either of these teams. He also doesn't like League of Legends.
Jeremy: That michael christman is such a gay feeler. Am I right, Chris?
Chris: Yeah, he should just go back to making out with his fictional waifu, Tracer.
by TheGayFeeler1999 February 16, 2018
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A hell of a guy who lived his life to the fullest (age14) died (September 20) doing what he loved playing football everyone prayed for his Health but wasn’t enough for a miracle this guy is coolest man you would meet
Guy 1: Dude I wish I was Tyler Christman

Guy 2: who doesn’t
by xN8NB0710x September 23, 2021
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