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Christabel's are literally a master piece made by the jewels of heaven. You can't compete with the intelligence of a Christabel, neither can you match the glamour of her beauty. She is absolutely and undeniably the sexiest thing to walk the face of the earth. You're lucky enough to spot a christabel let alone get to know her. If she calls you her friends, she means it and she will do anything to make sure you are comfortable. She's loyal, ambitious, and loving. She isn't a force to be reconed with. She's perfect!
Omg is that BeyoncΓ©..????'s CHRISTABEL!!!!! Omg...*faints*
by Worlds finest March 13, 2017
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The bestest person in the whole world.

a) Pure and beautiful. (Napoleon)

Dang, that girl is so pretty and cool, she must be christabel.
by SexyBeast. July 14, 2006
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A Sophisticated Lady, real definition of "Woman of Substance ". Determined in all angles, Best partner! Free-spirited, Gracious, Wise woman; she makes the best decisions. Nevertheless can be very stubborn, she's not used to being nothing less than a leader, she hardly hides her feelings and opinions. You need a Christabel in your life!!
Oh how gracious she is.... she's definitely Christabel!
by Dr. Owusu Yeboah April 19, 2018
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christabel is derived from the male name christopher, abb. chris

It is used when a male chris cross dresses and becomes female hence becoming "christabel"
christabel is that my bra?

christabel is a pretty girl
by kerry April 01, 2005
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A hippie who somkes to much weed but is undeniably a great person
Woah man! That chick smoking a blunt over there is totally a christabel!
by Chig.bungus January 09, 2019
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