A term that guys use for their very good friends. A mix between brother and boo
"Hey man, whatcha doin" "Oh not much, Broo"
by Splatoo7 August 23, 2009
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Drunk person wondering the streets and asking for money
Look at that guy. Yea he's a broo
by LT D January 4, 2019
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A word uncommonly overused in order to annoy another bro.
Broo, that's so bro.
by bro420bro July 4, 2019
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a girl who is cute enough to be your boo but cool enough to hang with the bros
that girl is hella fine but she’s also super cool, she’s a total broo
by weedboobsanddragons December 30, 2021
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The act of drinking a beer (or brew) while on the toilet, preferably taking a poo. It is a combination of "brew" and "poo".
Person 1: Man, I really need to take a poo right now but it feels like a doozy that might take a while. I don't wanna just leave my beer here and let it get warm...

Person 2: Why dont you just take the beer with you and enjoy yourself a nice Broo, it will make time fly!
by Vague123 May 27, 2011
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Oh and you too Jerry but at least you're respectful BROO
by Dom's shiny booty cheeks October 29, 2020
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A couple name defining two attractive people who are funny and adventurous, and who often lasts a very long time, if not forever. Their relationship is often fueled by memes and food. Dogs are a must have for these couples. However, the dog can be substantiated with other pets such as rabbits. Both parties in the relationship are very stubborn but they always overcome their problems. If someone says that you are a Broo-G couple, it should be taken as a huge compliment.
Becky: “Oh my god you and your boyfriend are so perfect for each other, you’re definitely a Broo-G couple”

Sam: “Awwww thank you that means so much!”
by Randb May 26, 2018
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